8Th Sense Temperature Monitoring System | Belmor Solutions

Cloud Based Temperature Monitoring System

As Belmor Solutions Limited, we are launching a new application called 8thsense to monitor temperature of food storage units rapidly. We deliver inline temperature measurements for chilled food stuff in catering businesses in order to ensure food is is stored safely. We let you monitor your chilled food raw materials at any time any where from any device with our easy to use app into a cloud system. Our technology offers you the latest and innovative system to deliver your products to your customers in the most safe and reliable way.

We sense temperature, Ph, conductivity, oxidation reduction potential, dissolved oxygen, gaseous CO2, flow, color with our food safe sensors. We are customizing our sensors according to your needs, and deliver you our box/device with its embedded software, and you begin tracking what you need from any where in the world.

Let us sense it.