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A planning application is any formal request to a local authority (i.e. council) for permission to build something new or to add something to an existing building. They are also required if you want to change the purpose of a building, which is something a premise licence holder is likely to do. At Belmor Solutions we can help you with these kinds of applications:
Change of Use applications; (A1 to A5 or within A1, A2, A3 class)
Advertisement Consent applications.
Householder applications;
Medium scale residential and commercial applications;
A full range of prior approval applications;
Variation of conditions and non-material amendments;
Lawful Development Certificates;
Listed Building Consent applications;

Please call 0203 869 00 35 for details.

Advertisement Sign
Permission is required to display an advertisement or sign. The term advertisement covers a very wide range of advertisements and signs including:
Posters and notices
Placards and boards
Fascia signs and projecting signs
Pole signs and canopy signs
Models and devices
Captive balloon advertising (not balloons in flight)
Flag advertisements
Price markers and price displays
The list goes on and is comprehensive. If you talk to us at Belmor Solutions we can identify whether what you are planning is going to require an Advertisement Consent application. For example illuminated signs will almost definitely need permission, as will poster hoardings.
There are also specifications which require permission such as signs positioned above 4.6 metres in relation to buildings above the level of the bottom
part of first floor windows or on gable ends. If you can’t get your head around that, don’t worry, we will take of that.
Decisions about whether or not to allow permission to advertise are made in relation to amenities and public safety so most applications are accepted. Although, particular care is taken with regards to listed buildings as any advert or sign must not detract from the character and appearance of the building.