Premise Licence Application | Belmor Solutions


You need to acquire a premises licence for licensable activities such as the sale of alcohol, late night refreshments or regulated entertainment. The application which must be accompanied by:

  • A fee
  • A to scale plan of the premises
  • A consent form signed by the designated premises supervisor
  • The operating schedule

At Belmor Solutions we can take care of all aspects of the application. Once we have your information we can begin your application process. Get in touch to get started.
After applying a notice must be displayed at your desired site for at least 28 consecutive days starting from the day after the application has been submitted. The notice is required to be on pale blue paper of at least A4 size, printed with black ink legibly. We will guide you through this process to ensure you get the license you require.
A licensing authority is required to grant an application unless representations are made against it. These can be made by a responsible authority such as the chief of police, a local health authority etc. or by any other persons. Any other persons is obviously a large group and does essentially include anyone. Our experienced team will guide you through this process and reduce any potential representations.
Mandatory Conditions
After being granted your licence there are some which all premises must observe. These are conditions which all licensed values are required to meet regardless of their purpose:
Alcohol can only be supplied when a designated premises supervisor has been appointed and must be authorised by said supervisor.
No irresponsible drink promotions.
No alcohol dispensed directly into mouths of customers.
Tap water must be available for free.
There must be an age verification policy in place.
Small measures must be available and clearly advertised.
The regular payment of annual licence fees.

Regulated Entertainment
Some examples of entertainment which is regulated:
Plays - including rehearsals
Showing films
Indoor sporting events
Outdoor boxing or wrestling only
Music - live and recorded
Performative dance (does not include Morris dancing)

Working with Belmor Solutions will ensure you are granted a premises licence and begin trading alcohol and providing entertainment. Please call 0203 869 00 35 to get information.